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Owners Kiriakos Nikoletos and Tony Marilanos combined their talent and expertise to bring mouthwatering homemade Italian dishes and Greek specialties to Rosedale.



Bellagio Pizzeria
8640 Pulaski Highway Suite 131
Rosedale, MD 21237


Review and photos by Lena Sala

Bellagio Pizzeria may just be Rosedale's best kept secret. For over three years now, the pizzeria has been serving the public with their mouthwatering dishes - ranging anywhere from juicy buffalo wings to their delightful meat and cheese layered lasagna - that will have your tastebuds begging for more. When I was first approached by my coworker about taking a visit to Bellagios, I wasn't sure if Id even heard of the restaurant before, but of course I am always willing to try new things, especially when it comes to food! After sitting down and sampling a variety of dishes off their menu inside the cozy pizzeria, I can now say, What in the world have I been missing out on in the past three years?! Once you step foot inside, you're greeted with not only friendly faces but the smell of ricotta cheese and marinara sauce that will send you running up to the counter. The most important thing I noticed while dining at Bellagios was the overall cleanliness of the restaurant. From the silverware to the bathrooms, everything was spotless. Upon our arrival, which happened to be right around lunch time, I noticed how fast we were greeted and served our food. Not for one second did I see any staff sitting down or not doing something productive. My coworker and I were always catered to right away and, in my opinion, that is very rare to find these days in the food industry. Owners Kiriakos (Crock) Nikoletos and Tony Marilanos know everything there is to know about customer service, considering they have been in the food industry for about 15 years. Both men grew up in Greek Town working for a variety of family-owned restaurants around Baltimore. When you combine talent with experience, the only thing you can get is culinary genius! That's exactly what you will find at Bellagios. After ordering our favorite choices off the menu, one of the staff members brought out a mouthwatering slice of pepperoni pizza that had me practically drooling. Every bite was filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The pepperonis were seasoned to perfection, adding an abundance of flavor. Everything that you sink your teeth into is handmade from scratch. When I say everything, I mean everything - from the pizza dough to their desserts. While my tastebuds were having a party, my eyes were drawn right to their large flat screen TV which is great for all sports fans, especially with the football season just beginning. Speaking of sports, what goes better with football other than a basket of juicy buffalo wings served with bleu cheese dressing and celery? I have to say that their bleu cheese happens to be the richest and creamiest dressing I have tried. If you're a bleu cheese lover like myself, you will find yourself dipping your finger inside the container to scoop up the last drop! If you think wings and pizza are as good as it gets, then you may want to think again. Never before in my life was I able to eat spinach without cringing! That all changed once I tried a healthy portion of spanakopita (spinach pie). The mixture of the feta cheese with the seasoned spinach cooked inside a flaky phyllo crust melts in your mouth with every bite. I have to say I was in love! The most unique aspect of this dish is that it was served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Believe it or not, the sauce added just the right amount of flavor. Just goes to show you, never be afraid to try anything new because it just may turn into your new favorite food. Bellagios specializes in Italian and Greek cuisines. Served alongside the spanakopita is what I like to call a little piece of heaven. Others will refer to it as lasagna! Each layer was filled with just the right portion of ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, as well as tender pieces of meat in the delectable sauce. The sauce was lightly marinated on top the lasagna and the texture of the noodle was perfect, not too tender or too hard. Even though the lasagna and spanakopita were to die for, there was still something missing. I needed something bursting with flavor, a little something known as a Caesar salad drenched in Bellagios one-of-a-kind creamy house dressing and crunchy croutons. The great thing about Bellagios other than their amazing dishes is that its a wonderful place to bring the family out and reconnect. With seven booths and six tables, there is plenty of seating for friends and family to sit comfortably. You may also celebrate special occasions such as sporting events and birthday parties with the help of Bellagios. They will cater any event customized to your needs. So now its time to get to everyone's favorite part of a meal - dessert! While visiting the pizzeria, I sampled two desserts. My first choice was the strawberry shortcake. Each golden sponge layer was moistened with a simple syrup. This is used to keep our cakes from drying out so that every bite is just as fresh as the first, stated Marilanos. I couldn't have agreed more! Once I thought I could no longer fit anymore food inside my stomach, Marilanos and Nikoletos brought my coworker and I out a cannoli that we shared. From the first to the last bite, the filling was rich and creamy. The shell of the cannoli was very crunchy and had just the right amount of sweetness to where it didn't overpower the flavor of the creamy filling. If you have not already tried out Bellagios for yourself, then make sure to stop on in and see what you have been missing. If you do not have time to sit and dine-in, you may also order for take out, or call from your home and get your free delivery today! Bellagio Pizzeria is located at 8640 Pulaski Highway at the Center at Golden Ring (between Home Depot and Wal-Mart). Hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. - 1 a.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. For more information, call 410-682-5454 or visit www.bellagiopizzeriabaltimore.com.

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