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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for General Manager Emory Richardson.

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Published: 3/13/08

Building Customers for Life at Al Packer White Marsh Ford

Emory Richardson is the new general manager of Al Packer White Marsh Ford, taking over the position in September 2007. Richardson began his career with Packer in 1972 at its Belair Road location, moving on to work in Packer operations in Florida. I'm happy to be here, he remarks. This is my hometown. Born in Bel Air, Richardson recalls the Packer from days of old with dealerships such as Granny Packer. We dominated this area, he declares. Though times have changed and Packer operates just the one location here in Baltimore (and two locations in Florida), the company has continued to build upon its great reputation. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, Richardson explains. It's a team effort, from the lot guy all the way up to the general manager. This is an organization that is operating on all eight cylinders. We excel where other dealers aren't doing as well. Besides cooperation and teamwork among the different departments, Richardson also credits the talented and experienced employees, about 78 in all, for the company's success. On the sales side of the dealership, Richardson notes Al Packer specializes in late model used cars. Thanks to a recent major fleet purchase, the dealership is offering some late model used vehicles for up to 40 percent off regular prices. Though the dealership is concentrating on used vehicles, new car sales are up. Ford is under new leadership and we're on the move, explains Richardson. We've got new models coming out in the next few years. Thanks to new technology, the quality of Fords over imports has improved over the years. And whether you're in the market for a new or used vehicle, Al Packer Ford makes the buying process easy for its customers. When you log onto their website at, you can browse through their inventory and get pre-approved for a loan in seconds. Credit applications are available to customers in both English and Spanish. When you visit the showroom, the salesperson will do their best to match the customer with the vehicle. Al Packer doesn't want to sell a customer a vehicle they can't really afford. We meet the needs of our customers, declares Richardson, adding that the dealership has one of the lowest rates of loans in default and subsequent repossessions of all dealers in the Baltimore area. And once you've purchased the vehicle that's just right for you, you'll want to make sure it's properly maintained to ensure top performance. Enter the service department at Al Packer White Marsh Ford. Rest assured the technician who works on your vehicle is certified. Fixed Operations Director Don Huebel claims the shop employs 16 Ford-certified technicians and nine diesel technicians, more than any repair shop in the state. Every person working on cars has to be certified, he explains, adding they work closely with Eastern Technical High School and CCBC, offering students apprenticeship and training programs. These students are learning from the best mechanics. Once a technician receives his or her certification, the education does not end there. With continuing improvement to current vehicle technology, there is always something new to learn or improve upon. We've got a lot of guys that have been here a long time, and we are constantly sending them to school, Huebel remarks. We've got to keep up with the latest technology. The service department also enjoys a great relationship with insurance companies, most of whom let them go ahead with whatever repairs need to be made. We'll take pictures of the vehicle, make the necessary repairs and bill the insurance company, Huebel explains. With 25 service bays, including a new portable lift, Al Packer White Marsh Ford services all makes and models, not just Fords. They are also an authorized limousine and RV repair center. The service department is the official repair facility of vehicles associated with the State of Maryland, Maryland Transportation Authority, Baltimore City Police, State Police, State Highway Administration, Baltimore Fire and Rescue and the United States Postal Service, just to name a few. Everything is computerized, so we're able to work on any vehicle and with any insurance company, stresses Huebel. Building customers for life is a slogan of the Ford Company. Richardson insists customer service is key across all departments of the dealership to meet that standard. Customers for life is all in the way you are treated, he says. People who haven't dealt with us need to experience coming here. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or simply want a reputable repair shop to service your current one, Al Packer White Marsh Ford would like the chance to make you a customer for life. Located at 9801 Pulaski Highway, the sales department is available from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Saturday. Service department hours are 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, call 443-777-5000 or visit


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