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Save Money, Make Money at Munchkins Palace


Published: 12/11/08

Theres no denying times are tough on pretty much everybody right now. With the soaring costs of gas, electricity, groceries and other necessities, were all feeling the pinch and are looking for ways to save money in other areas so that we can afford to pay for that gas, electricity and food. Linda Bafitis wants to help out parents and children during these tough economic times. She recently opened Munchkins Palace, a consignment shop strictly for babies and children. The way the economy is going, she says, people need all the help they can get. The consignment shop provides a definite win-win situation for consumers. Instead of giving away childrens clothing and items no longer being used, people can place those items on consignment and make a little money in the process. Customers of the shop can purchase new and gently used clothing and accessories at very affordable prices. We take anything that has to do with babies and children, Bafitis explains. The shop has everything from babys and childrens clothing and shoes to furniture, strollers, bathtub seats, stuffed animals, Beanie Babies and games. Munchkins Palace features plenty of merchanidse; Bafitis estimates she has more than 2,000 pieces and is always advertising for more. While much of the merchandise is new and still has the tags on it, Bafitis does accept gently used items. As long as the items are in good working condition, Ill take them, she notes. She will not take clothing with stains, holes, etc. The cost of the merchandise starts at $1 and goes up. There are definitely deals to be had at Munchkins Palace. If you have children and are looking for ways to save money, head on over to check out their inventory. You may just find some great deals on Back-to-School clothes for your little ones. And if you have baby or childrens goods you no longer need, consider taking it to the consignment shop instead of just giving it away. You may just make a little money to help stretch your budget. Munchkins Palace is located at 1548 Eastern Blvd. in Essex at the corner of Stemmers Run Road. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 1 - 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. For more information, call 410-574-1558.


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