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Rhiannon performs a microdermabrasion treatment


Published: 1/24/08

Dont Like What You See in the Mirror? Delay the Aging Process!

Have you really looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Are those crow's feet around your eyes? Is that an age spot on your cheek? Where in the world did that deep crease in your forehead come from? You would swear those lines and wrinkles in your face weren't there yesterday. How could this have happened? And don't you wish there was something you could do about it that didn't involve cosmetic surgery? If you'd like to slow down the aging process, maybe even reverse it to an extent, look no further than the office of Dr. Van E. Lomis. Since November 2006, medical skin care services have been offered at the physician's Rosedale practice. Two experienced medical aestheticians, Rhiannon Tracy and Maria Mirmaros, are on staff to provide these services and to educate their customers about their skin and how to take care of it. There's a lot to learn about skin care, and no one is teaching it, notes Rhiannon. We teach our customers how to take care of their skin and manage acne, without oral medications. The single most important thing people can do for their skin is to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is absolutely vital, Rhiannon proclaims, explaining that the sun eats up our skin's collagen and elastin and is also to blame for skin discoloration. But taking advantage of the services offered at Dr. Lomis' office could reverse any existing sun damage your skin has already suffered. Dr. Lomis is trained in medical aesthetics. He received training in California, where these procedures are really popular. Board certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Lomis decided offering medical skin care services would be a complementary addition to the practice. We're the only ones doing aesthetic treatments on the east side of Baltimore County at this time, he emphasized. He went on to explain their skin care services in detail. First, a customer will receive a comprehensive aesthetic skin health evaluation and analysis. The aesthetician will then discuss available procedures and treatments that can improve skin health, texture, tone and appearance. Treatments available include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, micropeels, Botox and cosmeceuticals. We offer a combination of medical treatments you can't get in a spa setting, Dr. Lomis points out. The treatments not only benefit skin appearance but also skin health. Microdermabrasion is the use of crystals and gentle suction to remove the outer layers of skin, revealing the younger, tighter and more radiant skin underneath. It helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles and repairs sun damaged skin. Immediate results are often seen after just one treatment. Microderm is incredible, says Rhiannon. It's a very gentle treatment. And it's not just women who are seeking to delay the aging process and make their skin look 10 years younger. Many men are conscientious about their skin but feel they can't do anything about it, Dr. Lomis reveals. We're seeing more and more men come in for treatments. With microdermabrasion, the skin is agitated a little bit to promote new cell growth. It helps the skin along with the exfoliation process, Rhiannon elaborates. The chemical peels are topically applied agents used to help reduce wrinkles, improve sun damaged areas and acne scars. They allow for new skin growth to be exposed, creating a fresh and vibrant appearance. The aestheticians at Dr. Lomis' office believe in using light chemical peels as opposed to a heavy peel that goes into live tissue. The heavy peels are very extreme, notes Rhiannon. The same results can be achieved by using a slow approach. A micropeel procedure involves a microdermabrasion treatment followed by a chemical peel. This combination therapy enhances results by accelerating the regrowth of new and improved healthy skin. The procedure promises to leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Botox, a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent, is approved by the FDA for treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65. Botox is so popular because it works, says Dr. Lomis. It loosens up the face muscles to dramatically improve facial wrinkles. And it looks natural. Dr. Lomis is great with the Botox, describes Rhiannon. It's like an art form when he does it. In addition to these skin care procedures, a com plete line of medical grade skin care products for use at home is available. An individualized treatment plan can complement and enhance the medical procedures performed in the office to help customers look their best. These are quality products and patients see very significant changes in their skin, explains Rhiannon. These products are able to penetrate the skin and do their job. Skin care technology has come a long way and the creation of today's skin care products are much more effective. Skin can look 10 years younger with treatments and proper care, Rhiannon claims. They have the before and after photos to prove it. We've really seen some huge transformations in our patients, Dr. Lomis says, noting they've also been successful in treating teenage patients with severe acne. We take care of that part of the body that people see first - the face. If you're ready to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, fade those age spots or manage acne in order to put your best face forward, call for an appointment today. The office is currently running a Winter Special, which includes a skin care consultation, medical skin care starter set and a microdermabrasion for $85. Located at 9106 Philadelphia Road, Suite 308, call 410-687-4004.


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