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The increasingly popular fish pedicure is now available at LN Nails and Tan in Dundalk.

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Published: 1/8/09

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water the fish are hungry! Getting recent national coverage and growing in popularity, the fish pedicure is now local. Doctor Fish, the exotic new trademarked twist on the more mundane pedicure is a posh new addition to the services offered at LN Nails and Tanning at 1411 Merritt Blvd. in Dundalk. Owners Demi Pham and Liem Nguyen proudly added their fish spa in October and celebrated the salon's ten-year anniversary with a splash. The fish, a type of toothless carp or Garra rufa, remove the dead skin from your feet in a natural sucking action. This spa treatment, originating in Turkey, has found popularity in Asia and was recently brought to the United States by Yvonne Hair, Nail and Tan Salon in VA. It's like a feeding frenzy around your feet! After a quick foot wash, the one-inch long friendly fish immediately set to work as soon as you put your feet in the tank. It's a little ticklish at first but after a few minutes with the fish, you easily adjust to the constant tapping at your tootsies. You begin to relax, imagining centuries of women in less modern worlds enjoying the same type of pampering. In high-end spas across the country and now right here in Dundalk, the fish pedicure is beginning to replace the more traditional scraping or shaving of calluses and dead skin. The fish remove the dead skin and leave behind an enzyme which helps soften the skin, all part of the process which stimulates the growth of healthy new skin. Following 15 to 20 minutes with the fish, you are then pampered with the traditional massaging, buffing and polishing as with a routine pedicure. When you're finished, you're left with perfectly polished, soft, smooth feet. It's the time with the fish that is so much fun! This is girlfriend time or a moment to laugh with your family or friends, says co-owner, Pham. I like treatments that bring smiles to my client's faces that's my enjoyment. Actually, laughter and squeals do ring out as people dip their toes in and meet the fish for the first time. Each client soaks their feet in individual fish pools with cool 80-degree water that is changed after each client. Approximately 50 to 100 little pedicurists earnestly work at a job which is a natural process for hungry fish. Owners, Pham and Nguyen are proud to add fish pedicures to their list of spa treatments in their well-rounded salon. LN Nails and Tanning's services include of course, the traditional nails and tanning but also facials, eye-lash extensions and non-surgical hand lifts.

The fish pedicures range in price from $45 to a more deluxe pedicure of $55 or you could just opt for fish therapy, a treatment with the fish only. Contact the salon at 410-282-9211 to make an appointment. Give it a try you may get hooked!


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