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Phil DeFlavis celebrated 40 years in business this year at his hair salon in Perry Hall.


Beauty Salon/Spa

Published: 8/14/08

1968. Every girl wanted her own princess phone, skirt lengths were anywhere between mid-thigh and the ankles. Rosemary's Baby was released and Mia Farrow had hair guru Vidal Sassoon flown in from London to style her hair for the leading role. Motor Trend Magazine named the Pontiac GTO as car of the year with a base price of $3101 for the 350 hp V8. And gas was 34 cents a gallon. It was the year the Big Mac was introduced at McDonalds and the year Phil DeFlavis opened his salon in Perry Hall. Forty years later, DeFlavis Salon is still in business. Gas has topped $4 a gallon and the Toyota Prius, with a reported 44 miles per gallon, has replaced the muscle car in popularity. Gone are the days when our mothers went to the beauty parlor every week to have their hair set. Although Vidal Sassoon introduced low-maintenance hair to American women, Phil DeFlavis still sees some of his long-term patrons on a weekly basis. "I've got customers here since the doors opened." The customers aren't the only ones remaining loyal to DeFlavis. Many of his employees have been with him for 20 or 30 years. The daughters of some of his staff are now employed as shampoo girls. Women who brought their daughters in for their first haircuts are now bringing in their granddaughters for their first trim. Its been like a family thing for Phil. "When I first started it was beehives and pageboys and then wings", he says. "The biggest change to hit the hairstyling industry is blow-drying. Everybody takes care of their own hai"r, Phil explains. Phil believes that hairstyles follow the clothing style trends. To examine Life Magazine from the fifties would show that the styles are basically the same today, with variations of different cuts. More formal hairstyles are returning with the renewed popularity of up dos at the senior prom. Phil had a goal of maintaining his business for 20 years. When he hit that mark, he aimed for 25. Before he knew it, Phil was celebrating 40 years in business. "I'll always be doing it, because I love it", Phil explains, adding, "I wanted to help the community."

And the DeFlavis Salon has certainly been an active participant in the community. Phil was responsible for reviving the Belair Road Halloween Parade and hosted it for two years. Phil also leaves a legal landmark legacy. "I passed by own bill in the Senate. I talked to the Senate and the House. Senate Bill 375, introduced by Katherine A. Klausmeier, sought to ensure that gift certificates would never expire." In the end, Phils victory ensured that gift certificates would be honored for a period of four years. The bill passed the Maryland General Assembly and became law on July 1, 2005. After all these years and these many accomplishments, when asked what his next plans are, Phil responds, "I really don't know. I don't know where we're going to go now."

In the meantime, you can find Phil in his salon at 9638 Belair Rd. Call 410-256-3444 for information or an appointment


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