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Captain Waterfront: Why Choose Anyone Else for Your Real Estate Needs?

Born and raised in eastern Baltimore County, Skip Tolley developed a deep passion for the water. As a young boy he spent much of his time partaking in recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, skiing and every Maryland's favorite and mouthwatering hobby, CRABBING! As he grew older, he became more experienced and knowledgeable. Any question you had about the water or waterfront property, Skip was the go-to-guy. Most importantly, he wouldn't just tell you which house best fit your needs, but he would inform a buyer of important facts such as how deep the water is at the end of the pier, where the closest ramp is in proximity to your home and where the sun rises and sets. All these factors come into play when buying a home, and Skip believes that his local knowledge and awareness of the waterways sets him apart from the competition. Along with these qualities, he focuses on eastern Baltimore County Waterfront. Even though I will buy and sell non-waterfront and commercial property, 80 percent plus of my focus is targeted towards waterfront property in eastern Baltimore County, which enables me to direct buyers to find their perfect home, explained Skip. If the first option isn't what my client is looking for, then I have the ability to find them a match so that at the end of the day they go home with a smile on their face knowing they found the best property that fills their wants and needs. Growing up, Skip was taught the importance of honesty, originality, hard work and dedication as well as a positive outlook, which he says he brings to every business venture. In 1988, he began his voyage as an entrepreneur, when he joined forces with a few partners to purchase three video stores. The establishment grew to accommodate four video stores, six shaved ice locations, including Icy Delights on Wise Avenue, a pool hall in Essex and an aerobics studio in Nottingham. Down the road, Skips friend Dale inspired him to get his real estate license and the pair decided to buy RE/MAX By the Bay, where the Captain Waterfront brand was born. However, after a couple of years, Dales cousin and uncle wanted to buy, and Skip wanted to sell his share. Skip, being a strong believer in the importance of loyalty, stayed on board at RE/MAX By the Bay for several years after the buyout. In 2009, Skip once again decided to move on and he began the next chapter of his Real Estate career with Real Estate Professionals Inc. at 518 Eastern Blvd. They say if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life, and you can outwork anybody because you don't look at it as work, Skip said. Skip happens to be the only Realtor in Baltimore who takes his clients out on his boat to get a nice long and relaxing view of their future home! What buyers and sellers need to know is that what's most important is who their agent is and what qualities they possess. I have an advantage because I know the ins and outs of waterfront property because of my personal experience, which allows me to fulfill my clients real estate needs, explained Skip. Every day, you have to be the best you can be and put your heart into what you do and not only talk the talk but walk the walk, cause God is watching . With outstanding qualities, originality and personal experience, why choose anyone other than Captain Waterfront to be your real estate agent and make your waterfront dreams turn into reality? For more information, call Skip at 410-977-9277 or toll free at 877-CAPTAIN. You may also go online and visit, where Skip has custom one-click waterfront search buttons for every zipcode! As Skip says, Local knowledge is priceless!


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