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7620 German Hill Rd
Dundalk, MD 21222

Dining Out at Caddyshack
By Allson McAlister

We thought we may as well let Dundalk have some too, laughed Billy Shea, explaining the move into Dundalk with his familys third restaurant, Caddyshack Express. The family restaurants began with Billys aunt and uncle, John and Diane Lake, who came to Maryland from Vermont in 1989 and opened JADs (John and Dianes) Family Restaurant on Eastern Avenue in Essex, with the help of Dianes brother Bill Shea and her sister Terry Starrat. After a few moves and name changes, the current JADs Caddyshack opened on Back River Neck Road. In the meantime, Bill Shea opened Sheas Pancake and Waffle House. When he passed away in 2006, his son Billy and daughter-in-law Maria took over the restaurant. Now, the Lakes and the Sheas are proud to open their third restaurant. Featuring many of the same recipes and items as JADs Caddyshack, the new place also sells wings. Lots of wings. Were playing off of the wing sales, Billy said, explaining Bill Batemans Express and the old Dundalk Express formerly occupied the space. Customers are used to coming in for wings. We sold 1,500 wings in an hour before a football game, he pointed out. While they currently offer a dozen different wing sauces, Caddyshack Express is so much more than wings. From a lengthy list of appetizers to entrees like steak, ribs and seafood, customers will find a wide variety of homemade meals from which to choose. My co-worker and I had lunch recently, and chatted with Diane, Billy and his wife Maria. They are all very enthusiastic about their latest venture. This is a good area, close to Essex and has the same kind of atmosphere, Diane said about Dundalk. In these hard economic times, Im trying to create something to keep my family going. Enough of our family members are old enough now to contribute. She specifically mentions her son Steve Goding, who serves as kitchen manager and is next in line to take over JADs Caddyshack. He is the backbone of JADs, Diane describes. At this point in his life, hes the S in JADS. Some of the friendliest folks you could meet, Diane, Billy and Maria are passionate about the restaurant business. Theyre constantly brainstorming new ideas, menu items and specials to appeal to their customers. They are currently ironing out the final menu for their new place, as well as creating a new menu for JADs, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The site of the new Caddyshack Express was formerly just a carry out place, so the family did extensive remodeling, such as adding heat and air conditioning and several tables so folks could dine in as well. Business has been really good for just signing on, noted Maria. The restaurant officially opened on Jan. 5. We sampled the Cream of Crab and the Maryland Crab soups, both of which were very good. My co-worker thoroughly enjoyed her Cream of Crab, while I opted for the Maryland Crab, chock full of vegetables and crabmeat. Next, my co-worker went with the Caesar salad, while I opted for the Grilled Chicken Wrap. The salad was outstanding. I love the dressing! my coworker exclaimed. Billy pointed out the dressing is homemade. My wrap was really yummy. The grilled chicken was extremely flavorful. Served with your choice of chips, fries, potato salad or coleslaw, the menu features a variety of sandwiches and wraps. We also brought back some of Caddyshacks famous fried chicken to our officemates. Deliciously seasoned and fried to golden perfection, the chicken was a huge hit. You may just want to pick up one of their family meals (complete with chicken, mashed potatoes or fries, coleslaw or green beans and rolls) for dinner tonight. In addition to carryout and dine in options, catering platters are also available. Throwing a Super Bowl Party this weekend? You may just want to swing by and grab some of those wings or the famous fried chicken. Or the delectable ribs or some steamed shrimp. Maybe cheese steak subs and fries? Whatever you choose is sure to go over well with your football buddies. Throughout all the years and all the locations, one thing that hasnt changed is John and Dianes dedication to their family and community. Many of the long-time employees that work in the restaurant and the new carryout location are family members, and JADs is always receiving letters of appreciation from civic organizations, schools, charities and grateful customers. You, as our customers, are part of our extended family, and we welcome you to our restaurant, said Diane. Your business is greatly appreciated and we look forward to serving you far into the future. Caddyshack Express is located at 7620 German Hill Road in Dundalk. Call 410-282-0902 for info.

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