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George Wilbanks, Publisher




- Article by George Wilbanks -

Merry Christmas from the East County Times

Several days ago I attended the Essex-Middle River-White Marsh Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast. As I listened to the local State Delegation give their reports, especially the work of the delegates committee assignment, I felt good. For more on the local officials, please see Ms. Salas article on page 7. Everyone was working for us, given whether the speaker was a Democrat or Republican. The chambers special guest was the states top legal expert, Mr. Doug Gansler, Maryland Attorney General. I was disappointed in many of his answers. The citizens of Maryland look to our attorney general to enforce all Maryland laws, because its the law, and not how he or she feels about the law! I am a firm believer in our laws. If one willingly breaks the law, he or she should pay a penalty. But how can one have respect for our government, regardless at which level, when the person in charge of law enforcement tells you in front of a group of business people he will not protect us on all laws, i.e., illegal immigration!

I asked the question: Do you believe the Arizona Immigration Law is legal, would you support an identical law for Maryland and did you read the Arizona Law? Why should we be surprised at his answer? Congress passed the Health Care Law without a legimate vote! Mr. Gansler replied the law was illegal and implied to me he was not going to do anything to stop the illegals from coming into Maryland. His attitude was to let them come, let them take jobs from our legal taxpaying citizens, let the struggling taxpaying citizens pay for the illegals health care and let the illegals flood our welfare system at taxpayers expense. Mr. Gansler, you have not read the bill! You said so! Get with the program! Mr. Gansler, many of our citizens belong to neither party. Please take note that we expect our top law enforcement person to represent us regardless of their personal feelings, or their party. Please dont do to any of our Senators and Representatives, regardless of political party, as you did to Mr. McDonough, when you implied his bill is unconstitutional and you have not seen his bill. Delegate McDonough will introduce his bill at the next General Assembly next January. To read the Arizona Immigration Law, go to


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