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Old Philadelphia Inn
9510 Philadelphia Road
White Marsh, MD 21237


- Article & photos by Devin Crum -

At first glance, the Olde Philadelphia Inn might look like just another restaurant in a shopping center in White Marsh. But once you walk in the door, youll discover they have everything you could need. The bar area has a traditional sports bar feel with televisions all around it and all the available sports showing. And the restaurant area is decorated in an elegant, banquet style with soft lighting that is as appropriate for a quiet date or family dinner as it is for any celebration you could think of. Two co-workers and I visited OPI recently on a weekday afternoon for lunch; the perfect time for the kitchen workers to be free to delight us with all their culinary creations. Naturally, we started off with some appetizers which were absolutely tremendous. We went with the Shrimp Salad Sandwich first and the Buffalo Chicken Salad next. The Shrimp Salad was served bursting off the roll and lightly dusted with Old Bay, next to some creamy and delicious red potato salad. Wow and Mmmm were all that could come out of our mouths while eating it! The Buffalo Chicken Salad was a full plate of crisp mixed salad made up of Iceberg lettuce, carrots, cucumber, red onion and red cabbage. It was then topped with onion rings, lightly breaded, crispy buffalo chicken tenders and crumbled blue cheese chunks with your choice of dressing, as if we needed anything more than that. After those we got what is perhaps OPIs most famous appetizer, the Crab Pretzel. When asking friends and co-workers for advice of what to sample, every one of them said the Crab Pretzel. It was the most anticipated part of our meal and it certainly lived up to its reputation! It consisted of a jumbo-sized, baked soft pretzel smothered with creamy crab dip and topped with cheddar cheese. Thats about the best crab pretzel Ive ever had, said my co-worker, Kathleen. The head chef, Salena Dominguez, who started her career there at age 17 then came back for the past eight years, said many people come in and just order the Crab Pretzel as their meal since it is so amazing and filling. For our entr?, we ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Pasta and the Bourbon Flat Iron Steak, served with the chefs personal blend of Italian Spinach in a creamy garlic butter sauce and chopped red pepper. The pasta consisted of fettuccine topped with sweet, tender sea scallops and steamed shrimp, saut? in a delicious garlic butter sauce, with fresh basil and minced garlic. A delectable dish. But the steak was my personal favorite part of the meal. I love steak anyway, but this may have been the best Ive ever had! It was a tender, incredibly juicy, full-flavored flat iron steak topped with the perfect blend of seasonings and, normally, their sweet bourbon sauce. We didnt get the sauce, but I love bourbon sauce on steak too so I imagine it would have been delicious either way. Regardless, the full flavors of this delicious cut of steak and its seasonings were nothing short of bliss to the taste buds. Kathleen said it was out of this world. Somehow we managed to save a little room for dessert, and its a good thing we did because this was like nothing Ive ever had before. I mean, with a name as long as Deep Fried Banana Cream Cheesecake in a tortilla wrap, it had to be good. When the dish came to the table, my co-workers each took a bite. And Kathleen instantly yelled Oh! in a fit of joy. By the time I went in for my first bite it was already half gone, and still going. I thought I might lose a finger because they were so enamored with it! But I do admit, it was one of the most titillating desserts Ive had the pleasure of trying. It was not so rich and tart as something with cheesecake in the name might imply. Kathleen compared it to Bananas Foster in an egg roll. While perhaps not the most appealing description, she explained, When we bit into it, it took us to a place of food ecstasy. At least the menu warns that it is highly addictive and you wont want to share. It was definitely a great capstone to the meal. Owner Terry Foxwell opened the Olde Philadelphia Inn in 1979, originally on the corner of Middle River Road and Philadelphia Road where the CVS pharmacy is today. Ten years later he moved the restaurant to its current location across the street in the Kings Court Shopping Center on Philadelphia Road. In the restaurants early days, Foxwell would cook much of the food himself in the kitchen. Although,he says he got started because he loved entertaining, which he had been doing since he was 15. I was 27, I figured if I screwed up I could always do something else, Foxwell said. But he didnt mess it up, and his restaurant has been a great success. His love of entertaining is why a big part of his business is also to provide catering services, both in-house and off-premise. OPI offers catering for all occasions in their two private rooms, the Party Room and the Rose Room, or off-site at homes, businesses or rented facilities. We do everything from baby christenings to wakes, Foxwell said. There is something going on pretty much all the time. OPI is located at 9510 Philadelphia Road and is open Monday - Thursday from 11 a.m. to at least midnight, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. and Sunday from noon to at least midnight. For more information or to book your next event, call 410-687-5757 or visit their web site at www.theopi.com.

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