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  Outsourcing is NOT
“Good for the Country Most of the Time.”

The East County Times published an article by Donald Frost in its Aug. 2 edition entitled “Outsourcing”. Donald Frost usually writes a very good article that is on target and correct.  However, this time his article is way off base; although I agree with Mr. Frost in that Mr. Romney would be better for America than President Obama.
While the definition of outsourcing that Mr. Frost gave is true, outsourcing in recent times has almost always referred to jobs going to foreign countries resulting in the loss of American jobs. The only good that this does for America is that it usually lowers the price of products for the American consumer.  Products produced offshore are usually produced more cheaply than comparable products produced in America. This is good for the consumer but it is not good for America.
The relatively low monetary returns that America gets on the tariffs imposed on these foreign imports pales in comparison to what is lost in American revenue by Americans losing their jobs. The most immediate result of outsourcing is American job loss which means an increase in unemployment which results in more people collecting unemployment insurance.  This raises the cost to American businesses and American citizens because it increases the amount of unemployment insurance a company has to pay, plus it increases individual taxes. Would the American consumer be better off in the long run by paying a little more for goods produced in America, which would employ more Americans, or by paying less for products produced in China? I, for one, would prefer to pay a bit more and have more Americans employed than pay less and employ more Chinese. This is what is good for America.
When an American is not working that is one less person, one less American family, that is able to spend their money in America to keep American businesses flourishing. That is one less American, one less American family, that contributes to the tax base of America by paying income taxes and local sales taxes. That is one less American, one less American family, that is able to sustain American industry with domestic purchases. That is one less American who can afford the wonderful luxuries that are still available to us in this country that is not as great as it once was. One BIG reason why this country is not as great is it once was is, you guessed it, outsourcing.

Sam Junior
The Oil Gets Thicker in Annapolis
 By now you are probably aware of the Special Session the Governor has called for the General Assembly to consider gambling, more specifically in the city of Baltimore.
The Governor does have the authority to call a Special Session in extreme circumstances as outlined in the state’s Constitution; however, I don’t feel gambling legislation is an extreme circumstance.
The state Constitution states in Art. II Sec. 16,  “The Governor shall convene the Legislature, or the Senate alone, on extraordinary occasions; and whenever from the presence of an enemy, or from any other cause, the Seat of Government shall become an unsafe place for the meeting of the Legislature, he may direct their sessions to be held at some other convenient place.”
It also states in Art. III Sec. 14, “The General Assembly shall meet on the second Wednesday of January, nineteen hundred and seventy-one, and on the same day in every year thereafter, and at no other time, unless convened by Proclamation of the Governor. A Proclamation convening the General Assembly in extraordinary session must be issued by the Governor if a majority of the members elected to the Senate and a majority of the members elected to the House of Delegates join in a petition to the Governor requesting that he convene the General Assembly in extraordinary session, and the Governor shall convene the General Assembly on the date specified in the petition.”
Now you be the judge, is voting on gambling an extraordinary occasion? I think the Governor is stretching the Constitution’s language to benefit the democrat-controlled General Assembly. They need the job numbers that casino gambling will create to help deflect the job-loss statistics that are plaguing Maryland.
Remember, this is the same person and leadership in Annapolis that opposed gambling in Maryland while Robert Ehrlich (a republican) was Governor.
I almost forgot to mention, the General Assembly will also debate “pit bull liability legislation.” You can never be too safe!

R. Gary Strebeck, Middle River

  A Special Session?
 What is so special about our rulers getting together to do what they are told to do by their rulers? They do it for 90 days every year. Maybe they need the money. What is interesting, maybe not, is to look at this issue from the perspective of how badly it has been handled. We can start some 60 years ago when our then rulers decided that slot machines - we called them one arm bandits - were the very essence of evil and banned them from the State. Think how far ahead of the other Mid-Atlantic states we would be if we had kept the slot machines. Our taxes may be lower also. Then the rulers had a chance eight years ago to pass slots legislation but the Democrats in power were having none of that because it was proposed by a Republican. Then slots became a cause celeb and the savior of our State. Instead of just passing the bill, they stuck it in our State Constitution. So now, no matter how badly the program is managed, it cannot be changed without a constitutional amendment. Pure genius. Then the taxpayers bought  the machines so the businesses did not have to incur the expense of doing business. They restricted the law to slots only when every surrounding state was going to table games. More genius. And now they are going to turn the entire thing on its head to accommodate our supreme leader’s buddies. Hope it works.
William M. Libercci, Baltimore
 The latest news is Bill Clinton is headed for North Carolina and the National Democratic Convention. I strongly suggest that all women be careful. Bill Clinton did everything in his power to destroy Monica in the White House. All women should be very careful, not to end up under his desk. I understand why Obama wants him to speak - both of them speak with forked tongue.

Milburn J. Harris, Baltimore

In His Words

Before Election Day, people should review Obama’s speech he gave on C-Span on Sept. 29, 2009. If it’s available, it would help you know this candidate better.

Phyllis Brooks, Baltimore
Don’t Shame Our Flag

Our flag has been carried
Across many battlefields
By soldiers past and present
With pride they carried this shield

Our flag has flown in victory
Been lowered when life was lost
It’s always represented freedom
To soldiers who paid the cost

Yet today so few honor it
Turn their backs on for what it stands
As they change the laws and values
And bring shame to our land.

It was carried for independence
It was carried to honor God
The sight of it brought encouragement
To soldiers who on battlefields trod

So don’t shame our American flag
Let it wave proudly again
Display it with pride on Flag Day
Honor the freedom for which it stands.

Phyllis Brooks

Thank You

I’d like to say thank you to my Godfather, Russell Berk. You’ve always been there for me through good times and bad. You’re a very special part of my life. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me throughout the years. I love you with all my heart!

Your Goddaughter & buddy, Lins

Summer Solstice Celebration
NeighborSpace of Baltimore County and Frank and Kathy Martin invite you to raise a glass to the Summer Solstice and to learn more about and support the work of NeighborSpace to conserve land in the County’s established communities on Wednesday, June 20, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at 9127 Cowenton Ave. in Perry Hall. Lite fare, beer, wine and other beverages will be served and dress is casual. This event is free, but contributions will help us meet important conservation goals! For more information and to register, visit www.neighborspacebaltimorecounty.org/SummerSolsticeBash.html.

The Boys Are Back in Town
We could probably make a song out of this title but it might not catch on. Our new County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is loading his administration with some of the people who just left government and bringing back some old timers. Should be interesting and I wish him and them well. I read all of the press about him saving money by eliminating unfilled positions. I wonder if the savings are going to offset the creation of a new department? This Department of the Environment will be led by Mr. Vince Gardina. He is well qualified to head such a department. However, if his department does not have meaningful enforcement authority it will be just another layer of feel good bureaucracy that the County taxpayer does not need. Let's hope they get it right.
William M Libercci. Sr.
Don't Be the Victim of a Crime
 With the days becoming shorter, there are opportunities for criminal activities to take place. Be aware of your surroundings when walking to your car. Trust your instincts if something looks out of order. If possible, keep a light on in the back as well as the front of your house, if only for a short time. It helps to protect you and your family. Many crimes are successful because people think it couldn't happen to them. Crimes are stopped by the vigilance of the citizens. Calling 911 will put your mind at ease if there is any suspicious activity happening near you. The police depend on us to help them make our community safer.

Dennis Gilpin, C.O.P.
Aero Acres