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3321 Eastern Blvd
Middle River, Md 21220

By Allison McAlister

Since opening its doors back in 2005, By The Docks has remained a popular restaurant in the Essex-Middle River area, with diners flocking in droves for the crab cakes. Well, if you thought the food was good before, you should definitely try it now because its even better. Under new ownership for the past three months, By The Docks will be undergoing some changes as the new owner works to improve the restaurant. Pete Leromonahos grew up in Greektown and graduated from Patterson High School. He worked as a manager at G&M Restaurant for nine years and has more than 25 years of experience in the restaurant business. He hopes to change the community's recently tarnished image of By The Docks, thanks to bad publicity that came about regarding the previous owners troubles with the law. We are motivated, Pete says of his family (his wife and two of his children work at the restaurant as well). We have the experience and know how to support this new venture. Pete said a lot of changes are in the works, including a new lunch menu. My wife is making preparations to roll out the new menu, he explained. There will be several specialty Greek dishes offered. The dinner menu will also be revamped, the kitchen will get some new equipment and an addition that had been started and abandoned by the previous owner will be completed as soon as its feasible to do so. We will continue with those plans, Pete said, noting the expansion would yield a bigger kitchen, a carryout section and would double the size of the dining room, which would rejuvenate and help business. Pete said the wait staff, of whom about 95 percent have been there since the day the restaurant first opened, are really excited about all the new changes that are coming. We've also improved the quality of the seafood, Pete revealed, adding, We sell a lot of crab cakes. Even though good quality crab meat is expensive right now, due to the situation in the Gulf, Pete isn't passing that on to customers by increasing prices. In fact, the new lunch menu features meals starting at just $5.99. My coworker and I headed to By The Docks on a recent Friday afternoon for lunch. The place was bustling with diners! We started out with the stuffed mushroom caps appetizer. These juicy mushrooms were overflowing with creamy crab imperial, featuring huge chunks of jumbo lump. Scrumptious! My coworker ordered the cream of crab, which is made fresh every day. Her verdict? Superb! she exclaimed. This is heaven... heaven on a spoon. For the main meal, of course I had to order a crab cake. I've always been fond of the crab cakes at By The Docks. I couldn't wait to dig in to the huge mound of crab cake placed before me. Let me just say, if I thought I liked the crab cakes before, I absolutely love them now. The flavor was spectacular - not too highly seasoned with just the slightest hint of sweetness. This cake was truly delicious. And huge! My coworker went with the soft crab sandwich. She loved it. Its delicious and crunchy, prepared just right, she said. She also had the Greek style green beans as a side and went on about how good they were too. For dessert, we sampled the strawberry shortcake, which was scrumptious, and the Oreo cheesecake, which was rich, creamy and delicious. The slices we were served were so huge, we brought back leftovers to share with our officemates, who just raved about the yummy desserts as well. So if you enjoyed By The Docks in the past, you must go back and try it now. I have to say its even better than before. I cant wait to take my family for the crab cakes! By The Docks Restaurant & Lounge, located at 3321 Eastern Blvd. in Middle River, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. For more information, call 410-686-1188 or visit www.bythedocks.com.

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