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Guy Fieri and George Kavourakis, owner of the Broadway Diner.



6501 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224

By Allson McAlister

Imagine yourself sitting down at the Broadway Diner enjoying your dinner and Guy Fieri walks into the room. How would you react? “Everyone just put down their food and stopped eating. They were surprised when they saw him,” said George Kavourakis, owner of the Broadway Diner. Fieri is known for his TV show “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives” (DDD) on the Food Network, where he goes to diners, drive-ins and dives all over the country. Fieri and the camera crews of DDD made an appearance at the Broadway Diner on Friday, April 25. Fieri gets his viewers to recommend the establishments with the best food, and one of the Broadway Diner's customers sent an e-mail telling Fieri about the restaurant located at 6501 Eastern Ave.

“I thanked him so much. I was so grateful,” Kavourakis said. “I give him a $500 gift certificate and that wasn't even enough, considering all the attention I will get from the show.” Kavourakis was born in Greece before moving to New York in the late 1960s. He owned a diner in Rockville until he opened with the Broadway Diner in 2004. Kavourakis has received lots of praise for his cooking, but he probably got the greatest compliment a chef could receive when he got Fieri's approval. “He told me, ‘your customers are right, you have a culinary touch,’” Kavourakis recalls. The Broadway Diner made such an impression on Fieri that he made another special appearance on Sunday, June 8. While Fieri was in Baltimore filming another TV show, he wanted to come back to the diner. “They (the producers) called me up later and told me he is going to your diner with his family and friends to show them how great the food was here,” Kavourakis explained. “I was flattered.” Fieri is known to give out nicknames. His nickname for Kavourakis is the “Big Pony.”

Fieri wanted to watch Kavourakis cook in the kitchen again, but this time with no cameras. The two men have become friends and have a lot of respect for each other. “I was waiting outside for him and when he arrived, we ran over to each other and hugged. He called me Uncle George,” Kavourakis said. Want to know what else Fieri did and said about the Broadway Diner? You can find out more this Monday night, July 14 at 10:30 p.m. on the Food Network. Two of Fieri's favorite dishes at the Broadway Diner are the Broadway Festival and the Potato Crusted Salmon. Since those are favorites of Fieri, a co-worker and I decided to order those two dishes when we visited the restaurant recently. The Broadway Festival is a seafood lover’s dream with calamari, lobster, clams, shrimp, scallops and pasta served with marina sauce.

My co-worker said the dish was outstanding, and the portion so generous she had enough leftovers for lunch the next day. My dish featured salmon wrapped in potatoes and soaked with lemon garlic sauce. It had spinach underneath. The meal was tasty, but you already know that because Fieri approved of it. For dessert, my co-worker ordered a delicious coconut crème pie and I tried the Double Chocolate Bundt Cake. The cake was served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips and in the middle there was a volcano of chocolate syrup. Anybody who knows me knows that if it has ice cream and chocolate, I'll find it irresistible. Get down to the Broadway Diner before Monday night. You need to try the food at the Diner so you will know what Fieri is talking about when you watch “Diners, Drive-

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