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L to R: Stephanie Schmuff, Bob & Bobbie OConnor



- by Ben Boehl -

Are you looking for a place with a great food, a friendly atmosphere and a place where the kids can play in the sand? Then you should go to the Beach House. No, you don't have to waste gas by driving three hours to the ocean, because the Beach House is located right here in eastern Baltimore County in Dundalk. If you are coming by car, the Beach House is located at 601 Wise Ave. just over the Bear Creek Bridge. If you are coming by boat (that's right, by boat) the Beach House is located right on Bear Creek. The Beach House is under new management as Bob O'Connor and his wife Bobbie have brought a family atmosphere to the Beach House. “We have kids running around in the sand. Parents can bring their kids and have them go off and play in the sand while they eat,” O'Connor said. “We are trying to get a wholesome environment.” At the Beach House, you can eat inside or go outside and sit at a picnic table under a palm tree on the sand. If the sun is too hot, you can choose a seat under the covered deck. “We get a lot of those boaters that come up here on the weekend,” he said. I decided to stop in to the Beach House with a coworker for lunch during the week. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect as we could feel the cool breeze by sitting near the water. The Beach House menu was filled with a variety of food. We started off with crab dip as an appetizer. There is nothing better than taking bread and dipping into a fresh and tasty crab dip. They offer seafood, steak, pasta, burgers and wings and, of course, they serve crabs year round. They was so much to choose from, but I had to go with a seafood selection. I ordered a dish called Mahi-mahi. A Hawaiian fish served in Caribbean rice and jerk seasoning with peppers and onions, it was delicious. My co-worker ordered the Seafood Alfredo and just loved it. But there was so much, she couldn't finish it and took it home for later. For a side order, they offered French fries, baked potato and something called a “baby baker.” I thought I’d try it and I was impressed. The baby baker was fried on the outside with a creamy potato on the inside. I was filled by then, but I couldn't resist when I heard they had a fudge brownie sundae. There is always room for dessert, and the sundae was great. I would recommend to everyone to come to the Beach House for the food, the atmosphere and the service. The O'Connors are a young and energetic couple that has a lot of passion for their business. Along with Stephanie Schmuff as partner, all three of them have put a lot of time and effort into making the Beach House a place to take the whole family.

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